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REVEALED: The Jury and Public Results Split

Today, we finally learned how the votes for The Eurovision Song Contest were split. The EBU announced the points each country was given from the Jury and the Public televote - these were published on the official Eurovision website.

First, a recap of last year

When John and Edward performed “Lipstick" in Dusseldorf for the 2011 contest it was the Jury that preferred the duo to the public. The jury gave "Lipstick" 119 points where the Public gave it 101 points (okay, it wasn’t much difference).

So what about this year?

As we know, the twins and their song “Waterline" finished the contest in 19th place after receiving 46 points from the Public and Jury combined but it wasn’t known if the twins had gained more favour with the Public, or like last year… the Jury.

Turns out it was…. the public

Clicking here will lead you to the full list of scores but it’s a bit of a mess so I singled out Ireland’s votes here:

Basically, if you look at the table showing the Grand Final results… If, like 5 years ago it was only down to the public to decide then “Waterline” would have finished in 10th Place in the competition. 

The Jury however, didn’t like it at all. If only their votes counted then the boys would have finished 25th out of 26 acts. Only the UK’s Englebert Humperdinck received less points from the jury.

Here’s some other interesting stuff the results revealed:

  • As expected, the Jury didn’t like Russia as much as the public did. However, they did get way more points from them than Ireland did. Personally, I think this proves just how bad Jury taste was.
  • Lithuania, Iceland and Norway were the only countries the Jury and Public agreed on.
  • Cyprus and Greece had two very similar songs with two very similar acts and performances. The Jury preferred Ivi Adamou where the public preferred Eleftheria.
  • The Jury and Public also agreed on the last placings in both Semi Finals where Slovakia and Austria finished.
  • France did apalling in the televote. No one voted for Anggun. Nil Points.

* I’d like to point out to you that in the list that I linked earlier, Ireland are down as being in 20th place. This is not true, they finished 19th. Iceland tied with them with 46pts but as Ireland received points from more countries, they placed higher. In that list they’ve put them in alphabetical order.