Jedward Eurovision
Flashmobs: Europe to go promotion mad!!!!

Since Dublin and Belfast did a brilliant job in promoting Jedward for Eurosong it’s now turn of the rest of Europe to help promote them for EUROVISION which takes place this May.

Here we will keep you up to speed with what is planned. Also, at the end of this post is a link to a Facebook Group which will also keep all the details in one place… So take a look and see if you can do any of these:

The UK:


Organised by: @HazlgreenBriony
When: Saturday March 10th

Jedward Fans in UK including: Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, West Sussex & Berkshire.

Do you want to promote Jedward for Eurovision 2012? Join us for a Jepic Jedward Waterline Flashmob promotional day on Saturday 10th March! So tweet me if you can come along and promote the twins for the South of England!

Bring posters, flyers, banners, balloons and any other jepic promotional merchandise! Please prepare for all weather, wear comfortable shoes and wear something blue (themed with the Waterline).

Keep up with the details on the Facebook page if you’re interested in going.


Organised by: @Victoriabigail
When: Saturday March 17th

The organiser will be meeting everyone taking part at New Street Station at 12pm (Main station in Birmingham) You will be taught the dance to Waterline on the day but in the meanwhile the best thing to do is learn it by searching ‘Jedward Waterline Flashmob’ and watching that.Its pretty straight forward!

After that the flashmob will take place then a march/parade will happen straight after that through town to promote the twins by handing out flyers ect…If you could bring your own flyers and make posters/banners to make it clear exactly what your promoting!

DRESS CODE: Everyone wear something blue, be it a top, shorts, jeans, dying your hair or facepaint! Anything will do as long as it’s blue. The more the merrier and remember you don’t need to be amazing at dancing afterall it’s a bit of fun not professional. The whole day will be recorded and photos taken!


Organised by: @Jepic_Me & @iloveirishtwins
When: Saturday March 17th

The flashmob will be taking place in Piccadilly Gardens and The Arndale, If you live in/near Manchester or you can get there come along it’ll be amazing and show your support for John & Edward!

Meeting Point is Piccadilly Gardens at 11.30 BUT if you can’t get there meet at The Arndale as others fans are doing that. Once everyone has met we will go somewhere to do a practise run thru of the dance (best thing is to learn it before hand. search Waterline Flashmob on youtube) then we will go for lunch then PROMOTE AROUND MANCHESTER!

If anyone has any speakers could you please bring those along so Waterline can played out as you dance along. Bring Leaflets/flyers anything that will promote the twins and waterline that you can give out!


Organised by: @StaceyxxJedward
When: Saturday March 24th

The flashmob will be taking place outside Derby Assemble Rooms. Everyone is meeting around 11.30 for the promotion to start at 12pm.

Learn the dance for the flashmob (search Waterline Flashmob on youtube) Even if your not the best dancer you can still join in because it’s all just a bit of fun and supporting John & Edward.

Bring along flyers/posters anything you feel will promote the boys and Waterline!


Organised by: @HazelJedBriony
When: Friday March 30th

Meet at Burger King (Near Spinaker Towers), Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Harbour, Hampshire, UK Friday 30th March - 12pm.

Please bring: posters, flyers, banners, balloons, speakers, jedward masks and anything to promote Jedward for Eurovision 2012! Be prepared for all weathers! We will take loads of photos, videos and make messages for other flashmobs to promote! Including doing a flashmob outside/inside Gunwharf and outside. As well as a parade around the area.

DM me if you want to join and I’ll link you to the Facebook group. Everyone is welcome. So enjoy the day and Support Jedward for Eurovision 2012,


Organised by: @PlanetTilly and @No1_JedwardFan
When: Tuesday April 10th

This promotion will take place at 11.30am meeting in Torquay - outside Fleet Walk Shopping Centre by the entrance that leads out onto The Strand!

Everyone needs to wear something Blue and it would benefit alot if you learnt the flashmob routine in this video. Make flyers to hand out and banners to show the public what the promotion is all about! We are in contact with the local radio stations so there is a possibility people will be on the radio!

Can anyone who is planning on taking part contact us with your facebook names so we can add you to the facebook group as thats where all new announcements will be posted! Also bring along sharpies with you that you don’t mind members of the public using!!!


Organised by: @connorjayy
When: Saturday April 14th

The meeting point for this flashmob is the Grey’s Monument at 12pm. If you can all get there for that time or near enough as we will be having a run through of the flashmob dance before the actual dance to make sure people are aware of dance. In the meanwhile if you could go onto Youtube and search ‘JEDWARD WATERLINE FLASHMOB’ You will find the video on there and try practise it as much as possible! Remember we’re not professionals its such a bit of fun so you dont need to be good at dancing!

Once the flashmob practice is over we will all go for lunch somewhere then we shall retreat back to GREYS MONUMENT to do the real thing! Hopefully we will get the flashmob on camera! Once we have finished the flashmob, if you are able to stay around (the more the better) bring flyer with you so we are able to promote the twins around the city!

Bring posters/banners so it makes it clear exactly what we are promoting! The organiser is going to try get some promotion of the event through local radio stations to make more and more people aware of our love of John and Edward.

DRESS CODE: Wear something blue as that is the theme throughout all the flashmobs due to the fact the song is called WATERLINE. If you have any Jedheads bring those along with you! Make the day fun!


Organised by: @Victoriabigail
When: Saturday May 12th

The flashmob will be taking place in Green Park which is also where we will be meeting at 12noon. This is so we have enough time to do some last minute prep and to go through the flashmob dance!

The flashmob will start at 1pm which will be filmed to show the boys how much we are supporting them! In the meanwhile if you could all learn/familiarise yourself with the dance just search JEDWARD WATERLINE FLASHMOB into youtube and you’ll find it there!

After the flashmob we will then parade/march through the city promoting the boys with flyers and posters ect…If you could bring banners/posters that would be great to show everyone what we are promoting! If everyone could wear Blue as that will go along with the theme of WATERLINE!! Spread the word :)


Organised by: @BethanyLipstick
When: Saturday May 19th

This flashmob and promo will take place in George Sqaure quite early so you can all practise the dance routine (in the meanwhile search Waterline Flashmob on youtube) Whether you can dance or not its all abit of fun and your promoting the boys!

The real flashmob will start at 1pm and then the rest of the day will be promoting John & Edward - Waterline around glasgow by handing out flyers and leaflets ect… Bethany’s dad is going to borrow a camera from his work and will be filming the flashmob and the days events and it will be sent into BBC this is a great oppurtunity to show how much John&Edward;mean to us and how much we’re supporting Ireland in Eurovision!

A big turnout would be amazing and at the end of the day it’s a good laugh and you can meet new fans/meet friends and have an amazing day!



Organised by: @iNeedJedHugs
When: Saturday March 17th

The meeting point for all fans is Colognes Central Station where the Information desks are at 1pm, You will wait until around 1.30-2pmish to wait for those who may be late (it would help if you could contact the organiser on the day if you are going to be late).

When all fans are together you will all go to Cologne Cathedral which is literally a 5 minutes walk (to the left of the station) where you will learn the Waterline Flashmob Dance (in the meanwhile it would help if you try learn the dance moves before as it will save time learning it from the start) Just search JEDWARD WATERLINE FLASHMOB and a few videos will come up!

Bring posters with you as this will promote the twins more as people will be aware what your promoting! You will then take photos with everyone together! The organisers are bringing along 9 pieces of paper with each letter of waterline on. After this you will do the flashmob which will be filmed.



Organised by: @FinalJudgment
When: Saturday May 26th

This is basically a last minute promo day ahead of Eurovision later on that night!

Everyone will be meeting at Hamburgs Main Station at 12noon.

DRESS CODE: Waterline themed so anything Blue…along with Irish accessories such as flags, 4 leaf clovers ect…can be bought online!

Then after everyone has met and told about the plan on where the march will happen. The march will start going all the way through the city promoting the twins with flyers ect…Bring along posters/banners to make it clear exactly what your promoting!!


Organised by: @Xmenarose and @TanjaW
When: Saturday March 24th

See details here if you’re interested…


Organised by: @Xmenarose and @TanjaW
When: Saturday March 31st

See details here if you’re interested…



Organised by: @JedCarroknass
When: Saturday March 10th

See details here if you’re interested…


Kaunas, Klaipeda, Šiauliai & Vilnius

Organised by: @JedBoy_LT
When: Saturday May 19th

The flashmobs in Lithuania will all be happening on the same day in the four biggest cities across the country these are KAUNAS, KLAIPĖDA, ŠIAULIAI and VILNIUS.

Everyone is meeting at 3pm so you can practise the flashmob together before the actual flashmob begins at 4pm! The meeting point for each city are:

  • Kaunas - Laisvės alėja, near fountain 
  • Klaipdėda - Anikės aikštė
  • Vilnius - Rotušės Aikštė
  • Šiauliai - Bulvaras. 

If you don’t know the dance go on to youtube and search ‘JEDWARD WATERLINE FLASHMOB’ Its pretty straight forward and remember you dont have to be professional its all a bit of fun! If you are from LATVIA you can come to Šiauliai because it is near the border of the Republic!!!

DRESS CODE: As much Blue as possible this is to go along with the theme of waterline :)



Organised by: @LiebeLove_
When: Saturday March 17th

The organisers have decided for everyone to meet in Kaisaniemi Park (in the centre of Helsinki) at 12pm.

The dance for the flashmob is different to the normal one, the dance moves will be taught on the day. Everyone will be making flyers and banners to show everyone exactly what your promoting, so bring some along.

The organisers have arranged to get the flashmob on camera and then to send the videos/pictures into the finnish media (news websites) and Youtube. BEFORE the 17th March the organisers will tell you about the TV team. They may be interested and may come along. Hopefully we will get the chance to speak with radio teams aswell and spread the word about JEDWARD and WATERLINE!

I understand the weather conditions in Finland aren’t the best but if possibly were something BLUE or JEDWARD related! If you are attending, join the facebook group where more info is posted!

Events currently being planned:

  • Frankfurt, Germany

Promotion events NEEDED:

We really need promo events and flashmobs to take place in the countries in the first semi final especially where the twins are most popular:

  • Austria
  • Latvia
  • Denmark
  • Finland

If you’re interested in taking part in ANY of these flashmobs then please contact the mobs organizers for more details.

If you’re from an area that hasn’t got a Promo Event yet then organise one yourself. We’d love to hear from you. If you have or are going to plan a promo event then please let @BlearsTnP know and join her Facebook Group here:

FLASHMOB: Grand Canal, Dublin (12th Feb)

John and Edward performed at Dublin’s Grand Canal on Sunday 12th Feb and fans took it upon themselves to do something special as promotion for “Waterline”… This is what they got up to…

Flashmob: The Making Of…

Flashmob: Outtakes

Flashmob: A Practice runthrough

Flashmob: The official Video