Jedward Eurovision

FAN VIDEO: Good Luck Jedward….

Here is the “Good Luck” video for John and Edward who will be competing in Eurosong for a second time tomorrow (24th Feb)

Thanks to all of the Jedward fans who submitted a picture into this project. Let’s RT it to @planetjedward so they can see the messages fans have provided

BELFAST PROMOTION DAY: A brilliant video showing the Belfast promoters promoting Waterline @planetjedward #Jeds4Baku2012

FLASHMOB: Grand Canal, Dublin (12th Feb)

John and Edward performed at Dublin’s Grand Canal on Sunday 12th Feb and fans took it upon themselves to do something special as promotion for “Waterline”… This is what they got up to…

Flashmob: The Making Of…

Flashmob: Outtakes

Flashmob: A Practice runthrough

Flashmob: The official Video

PROMOTION: The Dublin March

On Saturday the 11th February, Dublin fans took the street to promote Jedward and Waterline for Eurosong…

Flyers were handed out and banners were made. Marching around town singing Waterline, the group didn’t go unnoticed.

People stopped to ask what it was all about and the word to vote for Jedward at Eurosong was spread.

The press even caught word and went out to report on the madness:

Any Time News interview the fans:

FAN VIDEO@ Jedward/Eurovision 2012 by @NerdoBooXx from the United Kingdom #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: 5 reasons why you should Vote Jedward by @rohiima from the UK #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FLASH MOB: Grand Canal, Dublin, 12th Feb. VOTE Jedward WATERLINE at Eurosong Feb 24th #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: Jedward to Eurovision 2012 by @KatarinaJedward from Finland #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: Jedward Waterline Video by @Kimi_Bim from Germany #Jed4Baku2012 @planetjedward