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VIDEO: Highlights - Jedward in Baku (Eurovision 2012)

HIGHLIGHTS: Jedward in Baku (Eurovision 2012) by @jadehill2001 

Travelling to Baku, Azerbaijan for Eurovision

Now that John and Edward have SUCEEDED in becoming Ireland’s representative for Eurovision 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan that some of you may be thinking about attending.

This will be Azerbaijan’s first time hosting the event and their approach to organising the contest is very different to what we’ve seen before. There’s much more to think about when travelling to Azerbaijan than say, Italy (which was very nearly the case) so here’s some information to help you:


You cannot enter Azerbaijan without getting a visa. These will be about €60. The Azeri Government has agreed that as long as you have a Eurovision ticket, you can get these upon arrival at any airport (although we think you can still get them in advance too). Check the visa requirements here so you have everything you need. Your passport must have at least 3 months left on it. Visa information can be found here.


Tickets for Eurovision finals go on sale on Tuesday 28th February. No further details have been released yet. Last year prices final ranged from €89 to €189, took about 5 hours to get and then sold out fast. Semi-final tickets did not sell out and cost €29 - €119 but each year every country is different dependant on local prices.

There is also a jury final (final dress rehearsal) that may be on sale. Apart from this jury final you CANNOT get tickets to any other rehearsals. The arena this year is MUCH smaller and should sell out fast for all events. All will be sold online. Keep checking and for news.


The Azeri Government have block booked ALL hotels as there are not enough in Baku. You are currently not able to book any. These will be released on a certain date and are expected to sell out fast. Before the Azeri Government closed and cancelled existing bookings, hotels were costing about €300 per person per night!

They say that a variety of hotels will be made available in different classes and price ranges. The hotel site is here, and we think online booking will open up on the 1st of March and close on the 10th of April.


Baku is serviced by several airlines: Aeroflot, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Aerosvit, Turkish Airlines, and British Airways. Cheapest flights from London or Dublin to Baku, which take about 10 hours, are currently about €570.

Eurovision Timetable

If it runs like last year and the year before, looking at Ireland’s place in the draw, the following timetable may be about right, but all rehearsals have yet to be confirmed:

13 May - Rehearsals start
14 May - First rehearsal for Semifinal1
17 & 18 May - Second rehearsal for Semifinal 1
19 May - Opening Ceremony Red Carpet event / Mayor’s Reception
21 May - Dress rehearsals 1 & 2 for Semifinal1
22 May - Dress rehearsal 3 and First Semi-Final
24 May - Second Semi-Final
25 May - Dress rehearsals 1 & 2, & Jury Final
26 May - Dress rehearsal 3 & Grand Final

So there you go… and maybe The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be in Dublin.

FAN VIDEO: 5 reasons why you should Vote Jedward by @rohiima from the UK #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

Promotion Posters and Pictures Week 6

We’ve just gone through Week 6 of us asking for Posters you’ve mad or any kind of promotion you’ll be doing and these are what we’ve received this week.

Now we have the title of the song finally "Waterline" so get making themed pictures we can spread around. Pictures of Banners are also welcome now that the twins are in Ireland on tour I’m sure loads of you will be making them.

Take a look back at the posters that have been made these past five weeks…

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Remember… We want #Jeds4Baku2012 so keep them coming.

With thanks to @AlanaLvsJedward @Belcris_96 @MandinaM and @chloe721 for these

Promotion Posters week 5

Week 5 of us asking for Jedward promo posters and the numbers are getting smaller. With only three more week left until Eurosong we need your posters more than ever. Re-Blog these pictures we’re putting here - get as many people to see them as possible.

Take a look back at the posters that have been made these past three week…

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Remember… We want #Jeds4Baku2012 so keep them coming.

With thanks to Ed_Witha_Zzz, @DanielNube and @JPeaceOutE

FAN VIDEO: Jedward are back {Eurovision 2012} by @NoreenJedward from Ireland #jeds4baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: Jeds 4 ESC 2012 by @JedSarahxX from Germany #jeds4baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: Belarus Supports the twins by @JedwardBY from Belarus #jeds4baku2012 @planetjedward

OVERVIEW: This week (commencing 23rd Jan)

Semi Final Draw:

On Wednesday the Logo, Theme and Slogan for this years contest was announced and we also found out which Semi Final Ireland will compete in, who they were competing against and who out of the 6 countries already qualified could vote in their semi final.

It was a bit of bad news when the UK, Germany and Sweden were drawn for Semi Final 2 when Ireland was drawn in Semi Final 1. Good news however came with the fact that Austria, Denmark and Finland can vote in Semi Final One as well as Iceland, Latvia, Spain and Belgium who all gave Jedward points last year. Ireland will also be performing on the second half of that show.

The full details of what happened that day can be seen HERE.

Promotional Posts:

We did a number of posts this week regarding Promotion and reasons why Ireland should choose John and Edward as their Baku Representative.

Why Ireland should vote Jedward

The ULTIMATE promotion post with the stuff you’ll need to help promote away.

HELP WANTED… We need your help to provide us with news and stories of your promotional ideas.

Week 4 Posters The posters you’ve made.

Eurosong Line Up:

Gradually this week we’ve been learning the line up of Eurosong. We already knew of Donna McCaul and Jedward but two more have been announced since. We’ve also learnt that the running draw has been done.

The running order of Eurosong can be seen HERE though we are still missing the act Greg French has been mentoring.

Promotion Posters week 4

Week 4 of us asking for Jedward promo posters and the numbers are getting smaller. As well as posters we have pictures of various merchandise you have made for promoting.

Take a look back at the posters that have been made these past three week…

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Remember… We want #Jeds4Baku2012 so keep them coming and feel free to spread these around.

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