Jedward Eurovision
FAN PARADE: Birmingham (17th March)

The organiser will be meeting everyone taking part at New Street Station at 12pm (Main station in Birmingham)

You will be taught the dance to Waterline on the day but in the meanwhile the best thing to do is learn it by watching the video from Dublin… Its pretty straight forward!

The Waterline Flashmob Dance:

After that the flashmob will take place then a march/parade will happen straight after that through town to promote the twins by handing out flyers ect…If you could bring your own flyers and make posters/banners to make it clear exactly what your promoting!

DRESS CODE: Everyone wear something blue, be it a top, shorts, jeans, dying your hair or facepaint! Anything will do as long as it’s blue. The more the merrier and remember you don’t need to be amazing at dancing afterall it’s a bit of fun not professional. The whole day will be recorded and photos taken!

For more info you can:

Ask the events organiser @Victoriabigail

There is also a FB Event Page. If you’re interested in going, tweet Vicky and I’m sure she’ll put you on there so you can view it.

If you are going please tweet us all your pictures and video footage so we can put it in the fanbook & DVD we plan to give the boys in Baku. Info HERE

FAN VIDEO: Jedward Light Your Fire Eurovision 2012 by @Ed_witha_Zzz from the UK @planetjedward

John and Edward in Romania

On the 10th March 2012, Romania became Jedified… Joining Anggun and Hotel FM, John and Edward performed on the National Final “Selectia Nationala”.

Check out the video’s below to see them being interviewed and performing on the show.

Jedward being interviewed before performing (via @JedwardGenius)

Jedward performing their 2012 entry “Waterline” (Via @JedwardGenius)

Jedward sound check

The male Romanian presenter LOVED the twins as you can see when he’s introducing them. Let’s hope the rest of Romania did because Romania will also perform in the 1st Semi Final and can therefore vote too.

Earlier today the twins tweeted that they would be returning to Sweden and then heading, for the first time, to Denmark. What they’ll be doing there remains to be seen so watch this space.

Jedward on Selectia Nationala: Get ready…

Tomorrow night is the ROMANIAN national final “Selectia Nationala” and John & Edward are going to be performing, we assume, their 2012 entry “Waterline”

The Romanian final will be a long one so don’t make plans if you don’t want to miss the twins on Romanian TV. Fifteen contestants will be competing for the Romanian Ticket to Baku and whilst the votes are being counted, three special guests will be performing:

  • French Entrant Anggun will perform her entry “Echo (You & I).
  • Romania’s entry at last years Eurovision, Hotel FM will also perform.
  • and, of course Jedward will be Jedifying the country for the 1st time.

The show can be watched online using the following links:

If you plan on watching via then ensure that you have the Octoshape add-on downloaded ready to go. will not only be streaming the main show, they will also have a stream showing the backstage area. The twins won’t be performing until after the 15 acts have performed which means they don’t necessarily need to be there for when the show starts. We don’t know when they’ll arrive so it would be up to you whether you wish to watch this or not.

The show starts at the following times (depending where you’re from)…

21:00 Local Time

20:00 Central European Time

19:00 Greenwich Mean Time

More information can be found HERE

FAN VIDEO: Good Luck Jedward….

Here is the “Good Luck” video for John and Edward who will be competing in Eurosong for a second time tomorrow (24th Feb)

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BELFAST PROMOTION DAY: A brilliant video showing the Belfast promoters promoting Waterline @planetjedward #Jeds4Baku2012

FAN VIDEO@ Jedward/Eurovision 2012 by @NerdoBooXx from the United Kingdom #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FLASH MOB: Grand Canal, Dublin, 12th Feb. VOTE Jedward WATERLINE at Eurosong Feb 24th #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward

FAN VIDEO: Jedward to Eurovision 2012 by @KatarinaJedward from Finland #Jeds4Baku2012 @planetjedward