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Apr 20

Jedward in Australia


JEDWARD ARE IN AUSTRALIA…. Here’s what we’ve been able to find out about the boys Australian Schedule.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show


Australia - Monday from 6am

UK - Sunday from 9pm

Listen here

Official Website:




Australia - Tuesday from 6am

UK - Monday from 9pm

Watch here 

Official Website:


Mornings with Dave and Sonia


Australia - Tuesday from 9am

UK - Monday from midnight

I’ve not been able to find a link to watch Channel9 Online

Official Website:


The Bump Show


Australia - Monday from 8pm

UK - Monday from 11am

Listen here

Official Website:


Nova with Smallzy


Australia - TBC from 7pm

UK - TBC from 10am

Listen here

Official Website:


We will keep adding if we find out more about other shows and times etc… let us know if we’ve missed anything

Jan 23

EUROVISION 2013: The chosen songs so far…


Chose on: 7th December 2012 7th March 2013
Alyona Lanskaya - Rhythm of Love Solayoh

*”Rythym Of Love” was originally picked by the public in December but “Solayoh” has been internally picked by BRTV


Chose on: 15th December 2012
Heilsarmee Tasaka - You & Me

*The group had to change their name as Heilsarmee was a part of the Salvation Army which broke EBU rules


Chose on: 16th December 2012
Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills


Chose on: 20th December 2012
Andrius Pojavis - Something


Chose on: 22nd December 2012
Bledar Sejko & Adrian Lulgjuraj - Identitet


Chose on: 23rd December 2012
Zlata Ognevich - Gravity


Chose on: 24th January 2013
Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops


Chose on: 2nd February 2013
Eyþór - Ég á líf


Chose on: 2nd February 2013
Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow


Chose on: 9th February 2013
Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love


Chose on: 9th February 2013
Krista Segfrid - Marry Me


Revealed on: 14th February 2013
Hannah - Straight Into Love


Revealed on: 14th February 2013
Despina Olympiou - An Me Thimase


Chose on: 14th February 2013
Cascada - Glorious


Chose on: 15th February 2013
Natalia Kelly - Shine


Chose on: 16th February 2013
PeR - Here We Go


Chose on: 18th February 2013 
Koza Mostra Ft. Agathonas - Alcohol is Free


Chose on: 22nd February 2013
Ryan Dolan - Only Love Survives


Revealed on: 24th February 2013 
Dina Garipova - What If


Chose on: 26th February 2013 
El Sueno De Morfeo - Contigo Hasta el Final


Revealed on: 26th February 2013 
Sophie and Nodi - Waterfall


Revealed on: 26th February 2013 
Klapa S Mora- Mižerja


Chose on: 2nd March 2013 
Gor Sujyan and The Dorians- Lonely Planet


Chose on: 2nd March 2013
Bye Alex- Kedvesem


Chose on: 2nd March 2013
Birgit Õigemeel- Et Uus Saaks Alguse


Chose on: 3rd March 2013
Elitsa and Stoyan - Kismet Samo Shampioni

*On March 11th, BRT announced that the duo would sing Samo Shampioni (which came 2nd) instead


Chose on: 3rd March 2013
Moje 3 - Ljubav je svuda

United Kingdom

Revealed on: 7th March 2013
Bonny Tyler - Believe In Me


Chose on: 7th March 2013
Moran Mazor - Rak Bishvilo


Chose on: 9th March 2013
Robin Stjernberg - You


Chose on: 9th March 2013
Cezar - It’s My Life

The Netherlands

Revealed on: 11th March 2013
Anouk - Birds


Revealed on: 13th March 2013
Amandine Bourgeois - L’enfer et moi


Revealed on: 14th March 2013
Who See - Igranka

San Marino

Revealed on: 15th March 2013
Valentina Monetta - Crisalide

FYR Macedonia

Revealed on: 15th March 2013
Esma and Vlatko - Pred Da Se Razdeni


Chose on: 16th March 2013
Aliona Moon - A Million


Revealed on: 18th March 2013
Marco Mengoni - L’essenziale

Jan 15

The BIG Jedward Fandom Survey

Welcome to our Jedward Fandom Survey. I thought I would do this for fun and I would love if EVERYONE would fill this in. It’s completely anonymous and will take about 10 minutes to fill out if you don’t rush it.

It just asks you for your favourite things Jedward related and I don’t think I’ve I missed anything out. 

At the end I will do one mahoosive post discecting your answers into something I hope to be really interesting to read.

If any of the options don’t look familiar to you, I have the videos here:

Planet Jedward Bonus Tracks

Planet Jedward when it was released had two bonus tracks which wasn’t on the CD. The fans from abroad may not know these so here they are…

Walk This Way

We Will Rock You

Jedward Adverts:


Shake n Vac


Travel Supermarket


Take the Survey Now!!!

Jan 11

Radio 1 Request Show: Dan & Phil Style

Okay, I’ll start off by saying fair play to Jameela Jamil. She played Jedward TWICE for us on the Radio 1 Request Show. Young Love and Luminous were both played on her show. However, she’s no longer in charge and Dan and Phil have taken over.

BBC Radio 1, Every Sunday at 7pm

The show is on right after the Official Music Charts so we reckon a lot of people listen but Dan & Phil are doing it differently.

Phil told us: “We don’t want to be exiled by people for playing Jedward if someone requests it, but don’t worry we have found a quite creative way to decide if we play Jedward and Bieber songs.. ‘FAN BATTLES’. A superfan representing each artist compete live on air and only the winner gets their song played! It’s going to be pretty funny.”

Fan Battles lol… They don’t know Jedward fans well do they? We could take Bieber fans down. We can do this!!!

Now, I doubt that they would cater for Jedward fans every week. People would tire of it. They may even be full of it and deny us a listen of Jedward every time we try but it’s always worth a go.

They also want people to create videos for songs so they can show it on a LIVE stream so that people can watch the show as well as listen. The main website for the show says  it can be anything you want but I don’t know what the copyright situation would be. If you did a video of Jedward clips for example, I don’t know if they would allow it. I can’t see why not but it’s worth emailing the BBC to find out.


The Dan & Phil Website

Video T&Cs

Ways to Request/Submit Video Links:

Twitter @BBCR1


Will we try??? For the UK???

(Source: Yahoo!)

Jan 10

What is the best song from Young Love?

I asked you to pick your fave song from Young Love. Unfortunately Survey Monkey, I found out, only lets you have 100 responses without paying so I understand 100 people is only a small amount of the fandom.

Anyway, here are the results with the TOP 3 in Blue. Of course the winner was LUMINOUS. It was very close though.


Never Better was in the leads at first, then it stayed 2nd place until What’s Your Number AND Cool Heroes beat it over last minute.

There was only one vote between #2 and #3 and only 3 votes between #1 and #2.

Waterline only got one vote and I’m surprised A Girl Like You didn’t do as well as I thought.

Would the results be different if I did the poll again using another Poll site so more people could vote?

Jan 08

Jedeurovision Tumblr

A good number of people (361) follow our Tumblr and we hardly post from it.

What kind of things would you like to see so we can be more useful to you all?

Jun 18

REVEALED: The Jury and Public Results Split

Today, we finally learned how the votes for The Eurovision Song Contest were split. The EBU announced the points each country was given from the Jury and the Public televote - these were published on the official Eurovision website.

First, a recap of last year

When John and Edward performed “Lipstick" in Dusseldorf for the 2011 contest it was the Jury that preferred the duo to the public. The jury gave "Lipstick" 119 points where the Public gave it 101 points (okay, it wasn’t much difference).

So what about this year?

As we know, the twins and their song “Waterline" finished the contest in 19th place after receiving 46 points from the Public and Jury combined but it wasn’t known if the twins had gained more favour with the Public, or like last year… the Jury.

Turns out it was…. the public

Clicking here will lead you to the full list of scores but it’s a bit of a mess so I singled out Ireland’s votes here:

Basically, if you look at the table showing the Grand Final results… If, like 5 years ago it was only down to the public to decide then “Waterline” would have finished in 10th Place in the competition. 

The Jury however, didn’t like it at all. If only their votes counted then the boys would have finished 25th out of 26 acts. Only the UK’s Englebert Humperdinck received less points from the jury.

Here’s some other interesting stuff the results revealed:

* I’d like to point out to you that in the list that I linked earlier, Ireland are down as being in 20th place. This is not true, they finished 19th. Iceland tied with them with 46pts but as Ireland received points from more countries, they placed higher. In that list they’ve put them in alphabetical order.

YOUNG LOVE by Jedward…. CD artwork (Front/Back)

YOUNG LOVE by Jedward…. CD artwork (Front/Back)

Jun 17

UNITED KINGDOM Chart Regulations

With YOUNG LOVE becoming available in the UNITED KINGDOM from midnight tonight (18th June), I thought it be best to make it clear what has to be done in order for Single sales to count. This is what I found…

To qualify for inclusion in the UK singles chart, a single must meet the following criteria:

The following is an excerpt from the PDF linked at the bottom:

The following link will take you to a PDF with the rules of the UK Singles chart: Official Chart Company

In the UK there are 5 sites that count towards the singles charts:

  1. iTunes 
  2. Amazon
  3. Play
  4. Tesco 
  5. 7digital

iTunes and 7digital allow gift buys. This means that you can buy the song for other people. If you buy the maximum three for yourself, all these will count towards the chart but the purchases you buy for other people you know will all count.
You can buy for you friend, Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother and even your teacher or boss lol. These will count towards the chart too.

We need this to sell well in the United Kingdom

Under Pressure made it to #2 on downloads alone and I’m sure we can do it again… Buy out everywhere.


Jun 16

VIDEO: Highlights - Jedward in Baku (Eurovision 2012)

HIGHLIGHTS: Jedward in Baku (Eurovision 2012) by @jadehill2001